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About Us



We have raised German Shepherd Dogs in our family for over 30 years, competing in show & agility. Having a deep love & admiration for our dogs, with the current state of pet over population today we are compelled to rescue German Shepherd dogs and puppies at risk.  We get puppies safe from inhumane conditions, from being auctioned, puppies that are injured, sick or have physical issues. We started The Lucky Pupp and our mission is to help as many as we can. We have donated many Pupp's to Police and Veterans for K9 or Service Work. 



 ​We have expanded our rescue efforts to help more dogs in need. We have partner rescue's StreetDogs Place in Caracas, Venezuela, Animal Care Zone in Toronto, Canada, Bucharest Strays in Bucharest Romania and SVD Rescue Team in Falcon, Venezuela. Our rescue teams rescue pets from the streets where they were abandoned to starve, suffer and die. The street dogs and cats residents find refuge at our partner shelters from the brutal life of the streets, then stay at the shelters until a home is found for them. Currently the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is severe. Our rescue teams in Venezuela need your support more than ever. Many people are fleeing and abandoning their dogs in the streets. The dogs starve, suffer, die of disease or injuries. We will help as many dogs suffering as possible.  Every dollar donated is saving lives.

We have a #GlobalRescueTeam that is growing everyday. As a team we WILL make a difference! 



​Your support makes it possible to continue our work helping dogs in need. Each time a purchase is made from our store an unwanted dog or puppy, Veteran or Law Enforcement Officer benefits from the support of our loyal customers. We have a large selection of items, we feature handcrafted items by local crafters. We truly appreciate our customers & supporters and we strive to provide professional customer service. We gladly accept returns & issue refunds.