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Your support and contributions will enable us to sustain the sanctuary named in honor of street dog Khalkhali, who was a street dog that was beaten to death.  Every dollar donated 

goes to sacntuary and the fur angels. Your generous donation will help cover the costs of food, shelter and veterinary care.

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We have a rescue team on the ground in Western Asia led by URT director Parinaz. Our mission is to establish an animal shelter and maintain a sanctuary for street dogs and cats. Currently there is not an established animal shelter in the area. With Parinaz leading the way we are going to change that. With the support of our rescue team members around the world we have secured the "KHALKHALI ANGEL SANCTUARY" in honor of street dog Khalkhali who lived a hard life on the streets only to be beaten to death. The streets and people were cruel to him. Every effort was made to help him. Sadly his heart stopped beating as the kind doctors were working on him. We made a promise to Khalkhali that a sanctuary will be established to honor him and help his street friends.  

Khalkhali Angel Sanctuary


At the present time in many regions around the world stray animals have no safe shelter. Many abandoned dogs and cats are starving, suffering or dying from injuries or disease. Many of them abused and cruelly beaten. Your donations to the Khalkhali Angel Sanctuary will help a stray live a life in peace far away from the brutal streets.

Help Save Many Lives


Your generosity will provide a safe refuge for the strays. Every dollar donated goes directly to the fur angels and the sanctuary. The sanctuary residents will receive medical care, food, a safe happy environment but most of all they will know the kindness of a loving hand for the first time in their lives. 

In loving memory

Street Dog Khalkhali


Your support and contributions will enable us to support our rescue partners around the globe. When funding allows we also help the small rescue groups get established in underserved communities around the globe. Your generous donation will help many lives.

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Global Rescue Team ~ Worldwide

We are a team of caring individuals united globally, working together for the greater good for the unwanted, abused and neglected strays abandoned in the streets around the world.

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Every dollar donated helps a stray in need and helps a rescue group get established in their area.  

Kindness Matters


Kindness saves lives. Your donation funds critical rescue work for stray animals around the globe.