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In Loving Memory ~ Dawn Marie Wesley

“Bullies and Friends, The Dawn Marie Wesley story".

 Dawn-Marie Wesley (May 5, 1986 – November 10, 2000) was a Canadian student who committed suicide, after experiencing a cycle of bullying , mental abuse and verbal threats from three female bullies at her high school. 


 "I started my involvement with the film by seeing a tweet about the documentary at the beginning of 2014.  I wanted to get involved because I was bullied mercilessly for 6 years, starting on the 1st day of 5th grade at my new school when we moved to a new city, until well into 11th grade. I can’t tell you how many times I sat on the tub with one of my dad’s razors pressed into my wrist. I began donating to get the film off the ground and eventually became the Executive Producer. I’ve been in these poor children’s shoes. It’s soul-sucking and robs you of your dignity and self-esteem. Our goal for the film is to end bullying and change the peer abuse culture in our schools."

​~ Diane Gembala


Diane Gembala ~ Executive Producer

Diane Gembala is the Exec. Producer of the docu film on youth bullying & suicide prevention: “Bullies and Friends, The Dawn Marie Wesley story". 

Diane is a supporter of The Lucky Pupp Rescue Team. We will work together to bring awareness the deadly effects of bullying    to both humans and animals.

Author Joan Sample has joined the lucky pupp rescue team


Author Joan L. Sample

Author,  Joan Sample  donates a portion of sales from her book to the Lucky Pupp Rescue Fund.  Mention: Lucky Pupp with your Amazon order. Joan has joined the Lucky Pupp Rescue Team, together we will work together to bring awareness to the unwanted shelter pets and  save more lives.

About The Author

​Joan L. Sample was born in Memphis Tennessee and grew up in New York.  Joan was always meant to be a writer as she lives more in her creative mind than in reality.  Joan's first and second novels, 'Life, Will It Take Me Under' and 'Malevolence Thy Name is Karen' are must reads. Joan is currently writing her fourth and fifth novels,  titled 'Beyond the Grave' and 'Crime the Hood Speaks.' Joan has also written the first in a series of short stories featuring the Ebola Virus. Where Ebola takes on the role as mankind's assassin. Joan's third work, a novella titled: ' Forgotten the Saga of the World's Abused and Unwanted Animals' is currently available for purchase. This novella portrays the plight of abused and unwanted animals. It is informative, touching and profound. A must read for animal lovers. This novella is dear to Joan's heart as she has two adopted shelter dogs and a rescued kitten.

 It's her hope that it will increase animal adoptions and encourage a no kill policy for healthy adoptable pet’s worldwide​​