Your support and contributions will enable us to help more pupp's and improve the lives of many. Your generous donation will help us continue our rescue work and make a difference.  

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Lucky Pupp Rescue Team

We are a team of animal lovers  working together for the greater good. Our mission is to end the puppy mills & backyard breeders that continue to sell sick puppies. Our goal is to improve the lives of Pupp's at risk that are in inhumane conditions, sold dangerously online or at animal auctions, abused, neglected or unwanted. We get as many of the puppies safe with us as possible and remove from the puppy milling cycle. Many times puppies are sold to other puppy millers or backyard breeders as breeding stock. The puppies end up living miserable lives.

We have helped 304 puppies get out of these horrid places and into loving, responsible homes. That's 304 puppies that will never be used for breeding, neglected, abused or dumped at high kill shelters. Many of our adopters are Law Enforcement Officers, Veterans, Military and First Responders. So many lives human and animal have been made brighter thanks to our very generous donors & sponsors.  We remain deeply grateful for the continued generosity and support. 




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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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